Swain: “Choose a career that’s fulfilling”

Former Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce president John Swain urged students to choose a career that is fulfilling to them and make the choice wisely.

“You’ll find on many jobs that there are a number of persons who are on the job working, but all they do all day long is complain and talk bad about the company because they are not in the place where thy are supposed to be,” he said.

Swain was the speaker at a Career and College Fair that featured the College of The Bahamas, Howard University, Bethune-Cookman University, Lincoln Technical Institute, Success Training College, The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute and Doctor’s Hospital.

The Career and College Fair organized by Cay Consultants was held Wednesday at Worker’s House for primary and high school students.

Swain urged students to also aim to become the best at what they choose to do.

“I am not a fisherman. I am not a doctor. I couldn’t be a lawyer because I didn’t have a passion for those areas,” he said.

Swain said students should also set long and short-term goals after they have chosen a career.

He noted that if anyone was interested in becoming a doctor they must now work on maintaining the necessary grades.

“Work hard, study and do what it takes to become what you want to be,” Swain said.

Paticia Bain, a Grade 12 student at Jack Hayward High School visited with several of the schools represented at the fair and said she was considering Lincoln Technical Institute as she wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts.

“I have been cooking probably from I was nine and right now I take up hospitality as a course and we do cooking in hospitality,” she said.

Bain said she also hopes to become an entrepreneur and open her own restaurant in the future.

Tyeosha McKenzie, a Grade 12 student at Eight Mile Rock High School said she aspires to become a nurse.

“I am really looking forward to going over (to the U.S.) to study to be a nurse,” she said.

McKenzie said she likes the idea of caring for babies and the elderly.

Avedis Ferguson, a Grade 12 student at Sunland Baptist Academy said he was surprised to learn that the College of The Bahamas has an engineering program because it was not offered a few years ago.

However, Ferguson said he was most interested in Howard University and wants to become a mechanical engineer.

“I love science and I am good with my hands. I have an A in physics so it’s something that I would like to pursue,” Ferguson said.

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